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Monitor Gaming 3D: Philips presenta il modello Gioco 278G4

Philips annuncia la disponibilità del nuovo monitor 3D Gioco 278G4, un monitor gaming mostrato in anteprima all’IFA di Berlino e finalmente disponibile per il grande pubblico. Ottimizzato quindi per fornire una gradevole esperienza di gioco, la proposta Philips è caratterizzata dalla compatibilità con la nuova tecnologia Ambiglow che amplia lo schermo e crea un alone di luce sul muro che circonda il retro del monitor.

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Latest Philips ErgoSensor Monitor, Uses Sensors To Help Your Posture Whilst Viewing

Philips ErgoSensor Monitor

If you are concerned about your posture whilst using your desktop computer, you might be interested in this new Philips ErgoSensor Monitor. Which has been created to provide you with feedback on your posture whilst viewing it.

The Philips ErgoSensor Monitor, is equipped with a range of sensors that allow it to monitor your posture and alert you if you ned to make any changes, to your seated position.

Philips explains that the sensor measures your inter-pupillary distance—the distance between two pupils—to determine whether you’re sitting at an optimal distance from the monitor,and will also alert you if it thinks you need to take a break.

The Philips ErgoSensor Monitor can also sense if your neck is inclined at a poor ergonomic angle, and will give you corrective feedback showing you the ideal angle position. Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet, but its currently available for around €285 in Europe.

Source: Ars Technica

Philips DS6100 iOS Speaker Dock Unveiled

Phillips DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock

Phillips has this week launched a new iPhone/iPod speaker dock in the form of the Philips DS6100. Which has been designed with desktop machines in mind and in particular the Apple iMac, as it sits neatly along the length just underneath the screen.

Providing you with a handy docking station for your iPhone and extra speakers for media and audio enjoyment. Philips DS6100 is constructed from aluminium and sports a pair of neodymium speakers with 20 watts of total power. Phillips explains:

“Bring quality sound with a stylish, modern twist to your desktop with Philips Computer Docking Speaker for iPod® or iPhone®. Finished in sleek, high-quality aluminum for a sophisticated look, the docking speaker delivers pure, balanced sound that fills your study or work area, and works with any desktop iMac or PC. The convenient, versatile iPod/iPhone docking feature charges your device, and allows easy synchronization to your iTunes library. Plus, AUX-in connects to the headphone jack of other electronic devices.”

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Philips Android Powered Soundbar Streams Content From Any DLNA Enabled Device

Phillips Streaming Soundbar

Phillips has unveiled a new soundbar speaker system, which has been designed to enable you to stream content from your computers, tablets or smartphones. The new Philips Soundbar CSS5123 is powered by Google’s Android operating system and provides surround sound together with content streaming from any DLNA enabled devices.

The Philips Soundbar CSS5123 is available in either black or silver to match your interior, and is equipped with 5 “virtual” surround sound speakers into a case which fits just below your HDTV screen.

The Soundbar CSS5123 system also comes with a wireless subwoofer as well as a WiFi adapter and enough processing power to handle 1080p HD streaming, together with system management features. The Soundbar has been designed to provide Audio and/or video streaming via Philips SimplyShare app on either your Android smartphone or tablet connected to your local WiFi network.

It also provide the ability to simply plug in a flash drive or hard drive to load up video, music or photos, or stream directly from your PC. The Philips Soundbar CSS5123 will be available to purchase in April this year for around $349.

Source: Gizmag

Philips 273G: Monitor 3D con Retroilluminazione a LED

Dopo la presentazione all’IFA di Berlino, Philips rende disponibile il monitor 273G con supporto alla tecnologia 3D e retroilluminazione a LED. Il Philips 273G ha una diagonale da 27 pollici e risoluzione 192×1080 pixel; onbaord troviamo tutte le features proprietarie Smart Contrast, Smart Response, Smart Image, utili per migliorare l’esperienza utente.

Il 273G vanta connessione HDMI 1.4a e viene venduto in bundle con appositi occhialini 3D; la disponibilità è annunciata per inizio Dicembre, il prezzo sarà di 499 Euro.

Philips annuncia il monitor PowerSensor 241P4QPYES/00

Philips presenta il nuovo monitor aziendale PowerSensor 241P4QPYES/00, equipaggiato con tecnologia LED AMVA. Siamo in presenza di un monitor da 24 pollici progettato per i professionisti che trascorrono molte ore ogni giorno davanti allo schermo e hanno bisogno di display che li aiutino a essere più produttivi possibile.

La tecnologia AMVA (Advanced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment) aumenta le prestazioni (in termini di visualizzazione) proprie degli schermi a retroilluminazione LED e offre un rapporto di contrasto statico molto elevato per immagini ancora più nitide e brillanti, assicurando che il lavoro davanti allo schermo non affatichi gli occhi. Tra le altre caratteristiche segnaliamo l’angolo di visuale 178/178 gradi e supporto allo standard Zero Watt.

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Philips Fidelio Speakers with AirPlay hands-on (video)

Traditional speaker docks are so 2010. This year, AirPlay is in, and Philips was on hand to demo five new wireless speaker models at the CEA LineShows in NYC, set to roll out beginning later this month through the holiday season. Its flagship Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800W will ship in June with a price tag of about $800, but didn’t appear willing to pair with the iPhone Philips had on hand at the show. We did go ears-on with the more affordable DS8800W, however, which filled the small demo room with deep, rich Fire and Rain, sans-wires — and can do the same in your own home when it ships for $400 beginning next month. That model isn’t nearly as sleek as the non-functional SoundSphere, or its smaller DS6800W counterpart, which will hit stores in time for the holidays with a $500 MSRP. Philips also showed off its 360-degree DS3881W and compact AD7000W — both of which also include AirPlay support, and will ship for $330 and $230, respectively, by the holiday season. Jump past the break for a look at all five models.

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Philips LED 273P3L: LCD da 27 pollici a basso consumo

MMD Monitors & Display annuncia il nuovo monitor Philips LED 273P3L, un monitor LCD caratterizzato da un pannello da 27 pollici (16:9) e appartenente alla serie Professional. Il Philips LED 273P3L unisce alle prestazioni anche un design ergonimico e bassi consumi grazie alla tecnologia Power Sensor; grazie all’utilizzo di un sensore questa funzionalità riesce a rilevare la presenza dell’utente davanti il monitor, riducendo i consumi fino all’80% in caso di assenza dello stesso.

 Il 273P3L offre supporto Full HD, con tecnologia Smart Image per il miglioramento dell’immagine; onboard è prevista inoltre una porta USB per collegare altre periferiche. Il prezzo al pubblico è previsto in 390 Euro.

Nissho starts selling 52-inch, glasses-free 3D TV with Full HD resolution in Japan

Remember Dimenco? A four-man splinter group of former Philips employees, the company has been hard at work refining its glasses-free 3D display tech and today some of the earliest fruit of its labor is going on sale. Nissho Electronics in Japan is beginning sales of a 52-inch LCD panel that can pump out full 1080p of 3D vision without requiring any headgear from the viewer. Initially, this big lenticular display will target businesses, who’ll be among the few to be able to afford the ¥1.7 million ($20,820) asking price. Other specs include a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time, 700 nits of brightness, and a 60Hz refresh rate. The 3D on this TV is actually described as a unique “2D + depth” implementation, which can also be used to convert 2D images in real time. Great, now take a zero out of that price, ship it westwards, and watch the sales really take off.

Philips' new camcorder comes with 23x zoom and WiFi, but no price or release date

Philips makes plenty of audio / video equipment for use when consuming our content, but until now, the company didn’t offer many options on the creating end. Well, Philips fanboys (they exist, don’t they?), take a gander at your next must-buy purchase — the ESee HD camcorder touts a 23x zoom, 1080p recording to an SD card, touchscreen viewfinder (of unknown size), WiFi for uploading vids (so as not to keep fans waiting for your next cinematic masterpiece), and an audio zoom feature. Yeah, a zoom for your audio. Details about pricing and availability are nowhere to be found, but not knowing makes you want it all the more, right?

Philips FloatingCushions headphones have you on cloud nine

Philips FloatingCushions headphones, have you on cloud nine

Comfort is certainly the aim for Philips’ new SH series headphones, and they certainly have a compelling case. The magic behind these lightweight cans is FloatingCushion, which is essentially just memory foam that seals nicely around your ears for both comfort and reduced audio loss. Simple, but seemingly effective. No word on whether these softhearted headphones will make it to the US, but according to Pocket-lint there will be six of these in total, of which being a Bluetooth SHB9100 model, an over-the-ear SHP8000, and two folding compact SHL9000 variants (one with in-line remote and mic).

Philips doubles up with both passive & active 3D TVs, new Blu-ray players in Europe

We got a peek at what the Philips/Funai combo has in store for North America during CES, but at today’s Philips Pulse event in Barcelona it showed off even more of its 2011 plans. Most distinctively, while it’s using FPR passive 3D glasses technology (calling it Easy 3D) in some of its new TVs just like LG & Vizio, it will break from those two by continuing to offer active shutter displays as well, branded 3D Max. If your main interest is one of those sweet 21:9 ultrawidescreen displays (pictured above) you can get it either way as a Gold or Platinum series product while the regular 16:9 sets are divided with the 7000 series featuring Easy 3D and 3D Max slotted for higher end 8000 and 9000 series products. All of the TVs mentioned here and higher end (7000, 5000 series) Blu-ray players include Smart TV features which means Net TV apps including catch-up TV where applicable, recording to USB, sharing from media from WiFi-connected devices and the ability to control the device with a Philips app on your iOS or Android phone. Check the press site for more details, model numbers and the like, but there’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere WiFi speaker gets AirPlayed


Add one more to the list of manufacturers supporting Apple’s AirPlay. Philips just announced its Fidelio SoundSphere speaker that supports WiFi music streaming over Apple’s new media sharing “standard” from your PC or Mac iTunes library or from any iOS device. Unfortunately, Philips isn’t providing any useful detail about these speakers with free-floating tweeters and 360-degree sound. But hey, if you’re the kind who buys speakers based on appearance alone, then the €799 (about $1,100 — nearly twice as much as the Zeppelin Air) price tag should be no problem when they hit Europe sometime in May. Press release and bonus pic showing the bundled dock after the break.

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