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February 14th is Valen… Angry Birds day

Forget poking: from February 14th, show you love someone by flinging a mis-tempered avian toward them. It’s Valentines Day that Angry Birds will finally arrive on the ubiquitous social network — just in time to ensure half the coupled population of the world misses its dinner reservation, in order to get past one more level. The basic game will be free, but upgrades like the Mighty Eagle, double-sized birds, an earthquake weapon and a max-strength catapult will cost you. It’ll be launched in Jakarta around the same time you offer up that heart-shaped box of chocolates, so if you want to ensure the day remains romantic, we’d suggest waiting until the 15th before installing.

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Facebook app update brings Timeline to the iPhone, iPad version coming soon

Facebook’s Timeline feature has only just begun to roll out across the globe, and now an iOS version has sidled up next to its Android counterpart — making it even easier for us to recheck our social network back stories. The new app is currently only available for the iPhone, but Facebook states that an iPad-friendly update will arrive soon. You will need to have already activated the timeline function on the web-based original, but downloading the latest version will also grant access to your friend lists and subscriptions. Some requisite performance improvements are also promised too. Cringe at some portable post-millennial fashion mistakes by grabbing the download at the source.


Facebook rolls out Timeline feature worldwide, it’s time to untag some old photos

Get ready for a This Is Your Life-style recap available online, as Facebook’s Timeline feature is now out of beta and available to all users worldwide. Originally announced during the f8 conference back in September, it wraps up all the information you’ve posted, friendships you’ve made and embarrassing photos you were tagged in, in a neat, date organized package. If you’re worried it may uncover some things better left private — and posted years ago before you were more savvy about social media — you can enable the feature and still wait a week before it goes public for viewing by others. Currently timelines are visible on the main site, via the recently updated Android client and the mobile version of the site. If you want to turn it on right way, head to the Introducing Timeline page and click Get It Now.

Update: Facebook has just rolled rolled out a fresh version of its Android app that you’ll need to grab for Timeline access there, the change log (after the break) also mentions changes including access to games & apps, new push notifications and a new photo viewing experience.

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Facebook just released a dedicated iPad app, except it didn't

Mark Zuckerberg ruffled some feathers when he said the iPad “isn’t mobile” enough to deserve a dedicated Facebook app. But now it’s U-turn time. TechCrunch just revealed that not only has Facebook created a fully-fledged iPad app, they’ve even released it — albeit in secret. The code lies buried in yesterday’s update to the iPhone app and it’s entirely executable on jailbroken tablets. What’s the software like? Well, TechCrunchreckons the left-sided navigation system and use of overlay menus is “great,” as is the ability to chat with buddies while simultaneously doing other Facebook tasks in landscape mode. There’s also a ton of screen grabs at the source link which tell much of the story. However, it surely won’t be long before we can make our own minds up.


T-Mobile's Bobsled voice service returns to Facebook, relationship status now less complicated

We’re still waiting for some more news about its promised mobile apps, but T-Mobile’s new Bobsled sub-brand has now cleared one big hurdle that was thrust in front of it. The company’s initial offering, a VoIP service for Facebook, has returned to the social network a full month after it was “voluntarily and temporarily” pulled during its first week of operation. In case you missed it, the Facebook component is simply a basic VoIP service that lets you make free voice calls to any of your Facebook friends, and it now boasts a redesigned interface that promises to “more clearly differentiate it from a Facebook owned service.”

BlackBerry PlayBook to get Video Chat and Facebook apps in May (updated)

Who’s going to get the very first “tablet-optimized” Facebook app? Why, it’s RIM and the PlayBook! The Canadian company has today revealed it’s bringing a native Facebook app to its 7-inch, QNX-based slate, which will also be joined by a new Video Chat application. The latter will be available to download on May 3rd, with an over-the-air update dishing it out to current PlayBook owners. Its functionality will be no different from what we’ve come to expect from such clients — both voice and video calls will be available anywhere you can find a WiFi connection. As to the Facebook app, it’s coming some time later in the month, and will let you view and add your friends, share photos and videos “seamlessly,” access Facebook Chat, and view and interact with the news Feed. Both should be getting extensive demos at BlackBerry World, which is taking place this week, and we’ll be sure to have a gander and report our findings. Skip past the break for the full press releases.


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