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Logitech K810 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard Supports Windows 8 App Switching

Logitech K810

Logitech has today announced a new edition to their range of Bluetooth keyboards, with the unveiling of their new Logitech K810 Bluetooth backlit illuminated keyboard.

The new Logitech keyboard is equipped with easy switching Bluetooth technology allowing you to pair up to 3 devices and quickly switch between them.

Logitech has also equipped their new Bluetooth keyboard with Windows 8 support, together with a keyboard layout which has been designed for use with Windows 8 and includes shortcuts for instant access to the Windows 8 start screen and more.

However the Logitech K810 keyboard will also work just as well with Android and iOS devices, as well as older versions of Windows. The keyboard is finished in brushed aluminium and allows you to switch between your desktop PC, tablet or smartphone with ease.

The Logitech K810 keyboard will be arriving in stores throughout the US this month and will be priced around $100.

Source: Logitech

Samsung's 22-inch Transparent BLU LCD TV shipping next week, eyes-on at SID 2011 (video)

We weren’t actually allowed to get our hands on Samsung’s 22-inch Transparent BLU LCD TV — the showcase was accompanied by a “Do not touch” label — but we were able to get our first in-the-flesh look at the see-through display at SID this week. According to Sammy’s rep, the monitors, which can operate with or without a backlight, will start shipping to manufacturers as soon as this week, but consumers will have to wait until Q3 to get their hands on one. While our hands remained mostly at our sides during our little meeting, we did sneak them behind the display to see just how transparent these things are. Sure enough, we could see our phalanges wiggling quite clearly through the ghostly panel. When the backlight was flipped on, the screen became a touch more opaque, but didn’t fully obstruct the view of the potted plants lurking in the background. For now, the screens are focused on the commercial market — specifically advertising — but we wouldn’t mind adding one of these things to our living room. Hop on past the break for a little video love.

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Cool Leaf keyboard's shiny, buttonless future gets release date

Keyboards get really gross, really fast, especially when you eat around them. It’s a problem the backlit, buttonless Cool Leaf doesn’t have to contend with, since it doesn’t have any pores for crud to fall into and is easily wiped off with a wet cloth. The lovely mirrored peripheral will be hitting Japanese retailers on May 13th at an unknown price that we expect to be around 20,000 yen ($245) — steep, not to mention the cost of repairing sprained fingers after an all night term paper writeathon. The Cool Leaf will only be available in a Japanese language, Windows-compatible version at launch, though other languages — including US English — and a Mac-friendly variety have also been announced, so the rest of us may have a wait a little longer for the future to arrive.

Olympus SZ-30MR shoots 1080p video and 16MP stills simultaneously; Tough TG-810 is 'crushproof'

Olympus just loosed a trio of compact cameras. Let’s start big with the €329 SZ-30MR. According to Olympus, the 30MR packs a backlit CMOS sensor with 24x (25-600mm) optical zoom and Dual Engine TruePic III+ processing. It also lays claim to being the first to simultaneously record 1080p video while shooting 16 megapixel stills — a feature Oly dubs, Multi Recording. The SZ-20 lacks the MR and dials back the zoom to 12.5x but costs a relatively modest €219.

Olympus also announced a silver or black TG-810 compact for €299. First and foremost is the cam’s claim for ruggedness: crushproof at a weight of 100kg (220 pounds); waterproof to 10 meters (32.8 feet); shockproof at a distance of 2 meters (6.56 feet); and freezeproof a temps to -10 degree celsius (14 degrees F). Otherwise, it boasts a 14 megapixel CCD sensor, a 5x (28-140mm) optical zoom, 720p movie mode, TAP control (for gloved use), GPS, and an electronic compass.

All three cameras feature a 3-inch LCD; HDMI; high ISO and sensor-based mechanical image stabilization; smart panorama, 3D photo, pet detection, and beauty modes; and SDXC and Eye-Fi card compatibility. Look for them to hit retail in March.


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