Photographer Davide Bellocchio #Photography

Davide Bellocchio

After 5 years in the advertising world as art director Davide decided to jump off the cliff and to realise his dream of photography. First by forming the creative studio, Zona 13, and then leaving to work independently.
His inclusion in the 200 Best Adv Photographers Worldwide, plus prizes in Europe and New York from the International Photography Awards, show that his jump payed off, and finds Davide working with many of the biggest agencies and best creatives in the industry.

Davide’s style is defined by both the strong sense of character and narrative structure that he infuses into the image, often rendered with a touch of humour or subtle irony that engages and holds the viewer. His compositions reflecting the influences of photo journalism and portraiture, which when combined with a distinctive lighting and personally executed post production make the images unmistakably his.

Between commercial work he tries to depart from the conditioning that it inherently brings, to liberate the aspirations and the passion for reportage.

75% 1

100% 2

50% 3

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67% 11

80% 12

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